Why Weed Bags 3.5g?

Weed bags are a type of packaging that is used to store and transport weed, also known as marijuana or cannabis. These bags are usually weighed in either grams or ounces. Common terms for referring to amounts are “An Eighth” or “A Twenty Sack”. 3.5 grams is equivalent to 1/8 (an eighth) of an ounce. But why are weed bags 3.5g? What is the origin and significance of this measurement? In this article, we will explore some possible answers to these questions.

The History of Weed Bags 3.5g

One possible explanation for why weed bags are 3.5g is that it has to do with the history of the metric system and the drug trade. The metric system was introduced in France in the late 18th century and soon spread to other countries in Europe and around the world. However, the United States was one of the few countries that resisted adopting the metric system and instead stuck with the imperial system of pounds and ounces.

This created a discrepancy between the units of measurement used by different countries, especially when it came to illegal substances like weed. To avoid confusion and standardize the trade, some drug dealers decided to use a common denominator that could be easily converted between the two systems: 28 grams, which is roughly equal to one ounce.

Therefore, a common unit of weed became 28 grams or one ounce. And since an ounce can be divided into eight equal parts, each part became 3.5 grams or one-eighth of an ounce. This is how weed bags 3.5g came to be.

weed bag

The Advantages of Weed Bags

Another possible explanation for why weed bags are 3.5g is that it has some practical advantages for both sellers and buyers of weed. For sellers, weed bags 3.5g are convenient and profitable. They are easy to pack, store, and transport, and they can fit in a pocket or a purse without being too bulky or noticeable. They also allow sellers to charge a higher price per gram than if they sold larger quantities of weed.

For buyers, weed bags 3.5g are affordable and manageable. They are not too expensive for casual or occasional users who just want to get high once in a while. They are also not too much for regular or heavy users who want to control their dosage and consumption. They can also be easily shared with friends or other users without wasting too much weed.

The Future of Weed Bags 3.5g

A third possible explanation for why weed bags are 3.5g is that it has become a cultural norm and a tradition among weed users and enthusiasts. Weed bags 3.5g have been around for decades, and they have become ingrained in the weed culture and slang. Many people refer to them as “eighths” “eighth bags” or “8th bags”, and they are familiar with their appearance and weight.

However, with the legalization and regulation of weed in some countries and states, weed bags of 3.5g may face some changes or challenges in the future. For example, some legal dispensaries may offer different sizes and varieties of weed packages, such as pre-rolled joints, edibles, oils, or concentrates. Some consumers may prefer these options over weed bags 3.5g for convenience, quality, or variety.

Additionally, some legal authorities may impose taxes or fees on weed sales based on weight or volume, which may affect the price and profitability of weed bags 3.5g. Some consumers may opt for cheaper or more efficient ways of buying and using weed than weed bags 3.5g.

Therefore, weed bags 3.5g may not be as popular or prevalent as they used to be in the past or present.


Weed bags 3.5g are a common unit of measurement and packaging for weed that have been around for a long time. They may have originated from the history of the metric system and the drug trade, or from the advantages they offer to both sellers and buyers of weed, or from the cultural norm and tradition they represent among weed users and enthusiasts.

weed bags 3.5g

However, weed bags 3.5g may also face some changes or challenges in the future due to the legalization and regulation of weed in some countries and states, which may offer different options and alternatives for weed consumers.

Whatever the reason or outcome, weed bags 3.5g are a part of the weed culture and history that many people know and love.