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Rollstock packaging is a type of flexible packaging that uses printed and laminated film on a roll to form, fill and seal packages of various shapes and sizes. Rollstock packaging is widely used in the food industry to package products such as cheese, meat, poultry, seafood, snacks, bakery, frozen foods, etc.

Rollstock packaging

Rollstock film is a continuous roll of flexible packaging material that offers high barrier properties, excellent printability, and efficient packaging automation, making it suitable for various applications in the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer goods industries.

Kindly note our pouches have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. For in-stock pouches, the MOQ stands at 500 pcs. For custom pouches, please refer to the MOQ details below:

1.Digital Printing — 500 pcs
2.Gravure Printing — 5,000 pcs

Whether you need a single item or thousands, we cater to all order sizes. With our versatile warehouse and shipping options, we accommodate last-minute and deadline-sensitive requests.

Colorfulpackaging supports you throughout your project, helping with bag shape, material, thickness, capacity, and printing options. Feel free to contact us or specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.

We accept design source files in PDF, AI, CDR, and PSD formats.


MOQ 500pcs. More quantity, more favorable price.
Material PET/VMPET/PE or customized.
60Wx175H mm,Accept customized size
Production time
12-15 days
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China
Surface Handling
Gravure printing and Surface Handling
Material Structure
1colors,Up to 10 colors
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Why Roll Stock Films?

  • Rollstock is flexible and versatile, allowing you to create various packaging formats and styles with the same roll film.
  • Rollstock is cost-effective and efficient, reducing your packaging waste, inventory, and labor costs.
  • Rollstock is durable and reliable, protecting your products from moisture, oxygen, light, and other external factors.
  • Rollstock is customizable and attractive, enabling you to print your logo, design, and information on the roll film to showcase your brand identity and product features.

Rollstock packaging offers many benefits for food manufacturers and consumers, such as:

Cost-effectiveness: Rollstock packaging reduces material and labor costs by using less film per package and allowing high-speed automated production. According to Colorfulpackaging, a leading manufacturer of rollstock machines, their machines can produce up to 40 packages per minute with minimal waste and downtime. Rollstock packaging also saves storage and transportation costs by reducing package volume and weight.

Versatility: Rollstock packaging can accommodate different product shapes, sizes, and weights with ease. The film can be customized to have various features such as barrier properties, resealability, easy-open, easy-peel, etc. Rollstock packaging can also be printed with high-quality graphics and information to enhance the product’s shelf appeal and brand recognition.

Sustainability: Rollstock packaging is more environmentally friendly than rigid packaging as it uses less material and energy to produce and generates less greenhouse gas emissions and waste. Rollstock packaging can be manufactured using recyclable or compostable materials as well, effectively reducing its environmental footprint. For example, St. Johns Packaging, a global leader in flexible packaging solutions, offers rollstock packaging made from renewable or recycled materials that are certified by third-party organizations such as BPI, OK Compost, etc.

Quality: Rollstock packaging preserves the freshness, flavor, aroma, and nutrition of food products by providing excellent protection against oxygen, moisture, light, microbes, etc. Rollstock packaging also prevents product damage and contamination during handling, storage, and distribution. Rollstock packaging can extend the shelf life of food products and reduce food waste.

Rollstock packaging is a simple but highly effective solution for food products that offer cost-effectiveness, versatility, sustainability, and quality. If you are looking for a reliable partner to provide you with rollstock packaging solutions, you can contact Colorfulpackaging, a trusted supplier of flexible packaging materials and services. Colorfulpackaging can help you choose the best rollstock film for your product and application, as well as provide you with printing, laminating, and slitting services.

stand out on the shelf

high-performance, high-quality rolls tock films

We use the latest printing technology to produce superior rollstock with a remarkably fast turnaround time while saving energy and reducing waste compared to conventional printing methods.

Our completed roll stock films are compatible with both vertical and horizontal FFS equipment, suitable for manual as well as fully automated machines. Our stringent quality control measures guarantee impeccable printing for every order, regardless of the quantity, ranging from 10,000 to 1,000,000 impressions.


3 & 6-inch cores

Choose the core size that works best for your brand and your machines.

Film Wedding Specification 1

film winding specification

Choose the direction you want your rollstock wound.


co-packer accommodations

Materials are transformed according to co-packer requirements, such as unwind, seals and max outer diameter.

Roll Sizes 2

roll sizes

Max outer diameter can depend on either imperial or metric measurement or impression number.

rollstock faqs:

What is your turnaround time on rollstock?2023-06-09T07:35:35+08:00

Rollstock will be produced in 5 business days, once your artwork has been approved.

Do you offer recyclable or compostable films?2023-06-09T07:35:06+08:00

Yes! We offer recyclable PE film that is How to Recycle approved, as well as a Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) film.

What are your film structures and material options?2023-06-09T07:33:49+08:00

We provide our customers with a range of materials and film structures such as:

Print Substrates PET, Metalized PET, PE, and BOPP Finishes available in:

Classic Matte Soft-touch Matte Gloss Metalized High-barrier and multi-layer sealant films Specialty laminate films Metalized PET and foil Recyclable films Vegan films Freezer safe and Microwaveable options available

What are the rollstock options?2023-06-09T07:32:01+08:00

We offer various rollstock options for your packaging needs:

Suitable for pillow pouches, packets, and sachets Seal options: Fin Seal Lap Seal 3- and 6-inch cores Film winding specification High vapor barriers that prevent moisture, oxygen, and aroma from penetrating or escaping the package Clear or opaque windows Metalized films Resistant to punctures and tears Available in a wide range of sizes Spot embellishments We aim to provide solutions for everyone.

What makes our rollstock different?2023-06-09T07:26:57+08:00

At Colorfulpackaging, we use premium-grade films and fast delivery to create custom rollstock that can be shipped to you in as little as 5 business days. Our custom rollstock has a superior appearance and feel, thanks to our photo-quality printing technology and high-quality films. They also offer excellent performance for various products, such as granola bars, snacks, sample packs, and more. Rollstock is perfect for brands that want to make their own pillow pouches, packets, sachets, and lay flat pouches using their own pouch-making equipment.

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