Spout pouches feature a convenient spout and resealable cap, allowing for mess-free pouring and easy dispensing of liquids or semi-liquids, while providing excellent product protection and shelf appeal.

Kindly note our pouches have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. For in-stock pouches, the MOQ stands at 500 pcs. For custom pouches, please refer to the MOQ details below:

1.Digital Printing — 500 pcs
2.Gravure Printing — 5,000 pcs

Colorfulpackaging supports you throughout your project, helping with bag shape, material, thickness, capacity, and printing options. Feel free to contact us or specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.

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MOQ 500pcs. More quantity, more favorable price.
Material PET/VMPET/PE or customized.
60Wx175H mm,Accept customized size
Production time
12-15 days
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China
Surface Handling
Gravure printing and Surface Handling
Material Structure
1colors,Up to 10 colors
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day
spot bag

Why Spout Pouch?

  • Spout pouches provide a hassle-free and user-friendly experience. Simply give the spout a gentle twist to effortlessly open and close the bag.
  • Spot pouch is eco-friendly and recyclable, reducing your environmental impact and complying with green standards.
  • Spot pouch is innovative and eye-catching, attracting customers with its unique shape and design.
  • Spot pouch is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various products, such as liquids, powders, granules, and solids.

Food and beverage

Spout pouches find extensive usage in the food and beverage industry. Various products such as sauces, juices, baby food, wine, and more frequently rely on the convenience offered by spout pouches.

Personal care

Spout pouches are commonly utilized in the personal care industry as well, facilitating the packaging of essential products like shampoo, soap, and lotion.


Spout pouches play a crucial role in the homecare sector, providing dependable packaging solutions for various products including detergents, floor cleaners, and a range of other household cleaning essentials.


Spout pouches are ideal for packaging various chemical products such as fertilizers, pesticides, and other hazardous chemicals.


Spout pouches can be used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging liquid medications, syrups, and other medical supplies.

Pet food

Spout pouches have become increasingly popular in the packaging of pet food, primarily due to their remarkable capability to prolong the freshness of the product while providing utmost convenience for pet owners when it comes to feeding their cherished furry friends.

Spout Caps

A juice bag with a spout


A juice bag with a spout


Uses of Spout Pouch

Spout pouch is a type of flexible packaging that consists of a pouch with a spout attached to it. The spout can be used to squeeze, pour, drink or dispense the liquid contents of the pouch. Spout pouch is a convenient and innovative alternative to rigid bottles, cans, jars or cartons for liquid packaging. Spout pouch has many uses in various industries and applications, such as:

Beverage: Spout pouch can preserve the freshness, flavor and quality of the beverages and provide easy consumption and portability. Spout pouch can also be printed with attractive graphics and information to enhance the brand image and customer loyalty.

Food: Spout pouch is suitable for packaging food products such as sauces, soups, purees, dressings, honey, syrup, oil, etc. Spout pouch can protect the food products from oxygen, moisture, light and microbes and extend their shelf life. Spout pouch can also offer convenience and hygiene for dispensing and storing the food products.

Cosmetic: Spout pouch is a great option for packaging cosmetic products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cream, gel, soap, etc. Spout pouch can prevent leakage and contamination of the cosmetic products and provide easy application and usage. Spout pouch can also be customized with different shapes, sizes and colors to match the cosmetic brand identity and appeal.

Pharmaceutical: Spout pouch is a safe and reliable choice for packaging pharmaceutical products such as liquid medicine, syrup, gel, ointment, etc. Spout pouch can provide excellent barrier against light, oxygen and moisture and ensure the potency and efficacy of the pharmaceutical products. Spout pouch can also be designed with child-resistant or tamper-evident features to prevent accidental ingestion or misuse.

Industrial: Spout pouch is a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for packaging industrial products such as detergent, cleaner, lubricant, fuel, paint, etc. Spout pouch can reduce the material and transportation costs and minimize the environmental impact compared to rigid containers. Spout pouch can also offer precise and controlled dispensing and storage of the industrial products.
Spout pouch is a versatile and functional packaging solution that can be used for various liquid products in different industries and applications. Spout pouch offers many benefits such as cost-effectiveness, convenience, sustainability and quality. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of spout pouches, you can contact us, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions. We can help you choose the best spout pouch for your product and application, as well as provide you with printing, laminating and spouting services.

Materials used in spout pouches:

  • Polyethylene (PE): A flexible and durable plastic material with good moisture resistance.
  • Polypropylene (PP): Similar to PE, but with better chemical resistance and high-temperature tolerance.
  • Nylon (PA): Known for its strength and resistance to punctures, abrasions, and chemicals.
  • Polyester (PET): A clear and strong material with good oxygen and moisture barrier properties.
  • Aluminum Foil: Provides excellent barrier protection against light, oxygen, and moisture. Often used as a layer in combination with other materials to improve a pouch’s overall performance.
  • Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH): A polymer with superior gas barrier properties that prevents gas from infiltrating the spout pouch and extends the shelf life of stored products.

Our Spout Bag Are Eco-Friendly!

At colorfulpackaging, we are passionate about the environment—that’s why we offer a range of eco-friendly spout pouch packaging. Our spout pouches are made using an effective production process, which means they consume less energy and resources.

Moreover, our spout packages are designed to be reused after customers have emptied the original product from the pouch. Once the spout pouch is no longer needed, they can be recycled, thus, minimizing unnecessary waste.

Common Spout Pouch Types

A laundry detergent bag with suction nozzle

Top Side of Spout Pouch with Hanging Hole

A watermelon pattern printed on the spout pouch

Top of Pouch Spout

A laundry detergent bag with suction nozzle

Spout Pouch with Top Side of Hanging Hole

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