Side gusset pouches are characterized by their expandable sides, providing ample space for packaging bulkier or irregularly shaped products, while offering a stable and visually appealing packaging solution with various customizable options.

Kindly note our pouches have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. For in-stock pouches, the MOQ stands at 500 pcs. For custom pouches, please refer to the MOQ details below:

1.Digital Printing — 500 pcs
2.Gravure Printing — 5,000 pcs

Colorfulpackaging supports you throughout your project, helping with bag shape, material, thickness, capacity, and printing options. Feel free to contact us or specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.

Whether you need a single item or thousands, we cater to all order sizes. With our versatile warehouse and shipping options, we accommodate last-minute and deadline-sensitive requests.

We accept design source files in PDF, AI, CDR, and PSD formats.


MOQ 500pcs. More quantity, more favorable price.
Material PET/VMPET/PE or customized.
60Wx175H mm,Accept customized size
Production time
12-15 days
Place of Origin
Guangdong, China
Surface Handling
Gravure printing and Surface Handling
Material Structure
1colors,Up to 10 colors
Supply Ability
100000 Piece/Pieces per Day

Introducing our Side Gusset Pouches, the ultimate solution for all your packaging needs!

Increased Storage Capacity
Enhanced Shelf Life
Better Stability

With our extensive experience as a reputable producer of packaging bags, we are truly delighted to present an extensive range of imaginative packaging solutions that are meticulously crafted to match your individual requirements and personal tastes. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver exceptional options that embody innovation, all thoughtfully designed with your utmost satisfaction in mind.

Our Side Gusset Pouches are perfect for a wide range of products including coffee, tea, powders, pet food, and granular items. Designed with high-quality gussets located on both sides, these pouches provide more space for your product to expand and stand upright, ensuring they remain stable when stacked on store shelves.

We use top-quality materials, including food-grade laminated films as well as metalized PET films, to ensure maximum protection for your products against oxygen, moisture, and UV light. Designed with excellent barrier properties, our pouches keep your products fresh while enhancing shelf life.

  • Customizable Branding: Our Side Gusset Pouches can be customized with your branding, artwork or logo making them an excellent tool for promoting your product and brand. Custom branding enhances brand recognition and makes your product stand out from the competition.

  • Eco-Friendly: Our Side Gusset Pouches are made from high-quality materials that are recyclable. They provide a sustainable and eco-conscious alternative to conventional packaging, aiming to minimize environmental impact and actively promote ecological sustainability.

Our Side Gusset Pouches can also be custom-printed with your artwork or branding. We make sure your bags stand out from the competition and grab the customer’s attention. Custom-printed pouches with your branding and artwork will promote your company and increase your brand visibility.

We take the safety of the environment as a top priority, and that’s why our Side Gusset Pouches are eco-friendly. Our pouches are crafted using recyclable materials, effectively minimizing their environmental footprint and actively contributing to sustainability initiatives.

Choose our Side Gusset Pouches as your #1 packaging solution. Contact us today to learn more and order your Side Gusset Pouches.

Uses For Side Gusset Bags

  • 1

    Food Industry: Side Gusset Bags are popular within food industry because they provide reliable protection for food products. This particular bag offers a flexible packaging solution for various food items like chips, candies, coffee, and tea. It allows for effortless packaging and selling of these products, catering to the varied requirements of consumers.

  • 2

    Pharmaceutical Industry: Side Gusset Bags are also widely used for packaging medicines and nutritional supplements. These bags are made with highly moisture resistant and air-tight materials, optimizing product preservation and safety.

  • 3

    Agricultural Industry: Agricultural products such as fertilizer, seeds, and animal feed require quality, durable, water-resistant packaging for storage and transportation. Side Gusset Bags are an ideal choice for this application.

  • 4

    Industrial Industry: In the industrial sector, Side Gusset Bags are commonly used to package chemical and mechanical parts, as well as to transport heavy products.

  • 5

    Chemical Industry: Chemical raw materials and chemical compounds require special packaging to prevent leakages and contamination. Side Gusset Bags are suitable for packaging and selling such chemicals.

Showcase of our Side Gusset pouches

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