Rollstock packaging: A flexible packaging solution for every business

Flexible packaging solutions have been revolutionizing the industry. Packaging industry advancements are occurring at an accelerated pace due to continuous developing technologies. Rollstock Packaging is arguably a lucrative flexible packaging solution reaping all the benefits of developing technologies. As brands and consumers ask for more conscious and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, Rollstock film can serve them greatly.

However, if you are new to the Rollstock film packaging concept, learn more about it here.

Rollstock packaging, also known as Rollstock Film Packaging or Rollstock Film, is a widely adapted flexible packaging solution. This packaging solution uses a laminated film to produce pouches, wrappers, and bags.

Rollstock packaging film is created from different materials types. These materials typically include:

  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Plastic
Rollstock packaging

Typically, the film is wrapped around a core of kraft paperboard in conjunction with FFS Machinery. The practice allows manufacturers to create seal bags in specific orientations and shapes. They also use a variety of solutions to create temper-proof or air-tight seals for ensured product durability, quality, taste, and reliability. In addition, these finished Rollstock Packaging bags can protect products from light, oxygen, moisture, and other environmental factors.

Types of product packaging that you can make from Rollstock

Fortunately, Rollstock Packaging is suitable for various products’ packaging. You can use this versatile packaging solution for virtually anything from single-serve sticks or sample packs to packaged snacks and more.

Rollstock is suitable for brands who want to create packaging solutions such as:

  • Packets
  • Pillow pouches
  • Gusseted bags
  • Triangle bags
  • 4-sided and 3-sided seal pouches
  • Stick pouches
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Lay flat pouches, etc.

You can use these options to package a variety of products. These also include food products like candy, snacks, chips, and more. It is because Stock Roll film provides a barrier against oxygen and moisture. Besides that, you can also Stock Rolls for non-food items like small electronics and cosmetics.

Above all, Rollstock packaging is an effective solution to package massive products’ quantity quickly. You can even customize the packaging easily. Due to this, Rollstock has become a flexible packaging solution for every business and brand looking out there.

What are the benefits of Rollstock Packaging?

Here are the key benefits of Rollstock film that make it a suitable packaging solution for everyone. So, here we go:

· Environmental friendliness

Rollstock is a lightweight and sustainable packaging solution that utilizes less material than other packaging solutions. In addition, its manufacturing also causes less greenhouse gas emissions. The fast-processing speed of Rollstock also makes it an environmentally friendly option because it reduces waste production since inception.

eco friendly

· Cost-effective production

If you are up to making a massive volume of products, you can consider Rollstock packaging your go-to solution due to its cost-effectiveness. Rollstock can decrease your product packaging costs significantly because it also reduces production waste.

Every penny is important for businesses to bring their products into the market. Rollstock helps you save a lot in packaging, so it is the best packaging solution for all businesses.

· Enhanced customizability

Branding is key to stand out for businesses. Customers look for attractive yet functional packaging, and Rollstock can provide it all. You can turn Rollstock into custom packaging solutions per your product needs.

In addition, flexographic printing technology helped brands to experience enhanced customizability with Rollstock film. You can bring your branding idea to life using vivid colors, photo-quality realism, matte texture, and more.

The packaging can also maintain freshness for longer.

· Highly versatile packaging solutions

You can use Rollstock film to package a variety of products. These include powders, solids, fragile items, liquids, and more. The packaging type can also let you have tear notches and laser scoring to add micro-perforations and breathability.

Regardless of what you want to put into your packaging, Rollstock film has a solution for all your needs.

· Storage space savings

Rollstock provides high-speed and efficient packaging production compared to other packaging solutions. It ultimately results in quicker turnaround time for your product packaging because you don’t have to convert it into a package.

The manufacturing process can help consumers to speed up their packaging manufacturing. Above all, it even takes up very little storage space to offer added benefits.

Superior graphic reproduction

Companies who want to make their products stand out among others on the shelf can also benefit from Rollstock’s superior graphic reproduction. You can use rotogravure printing to create high-quality graphic reproduction on your packaging.

This printing technology can provide clarity and vivid color to catch customers’ attention.

· Sterilization suitability

You can also sterilize your Rollstock packaging using a peroxide bath than preformed pouches. It is mainly because the Rollstock bags haven’t formed yet. Therefore, the peroxide bath can efficiently pass over the film to cover the surface.

You must perform aseptic processing for different applications, such as the food industry and medical equipment.

· Enhanced product protection

Regardless of how attractive your packaging looks, it isn’t effective if it can’t keep the products fresh. Fortunately, Rollstock is popular for keeping UV light, dust, moisture, vapor, and oxygen out of the product packaging. It ultimately results in improved product shelf life. The benefit is fundamental for brands selling products such as dog treats, energy bars, etc., to make them long-lasting.

With the crowded product market, every little win matters, freshness with no exception.

Why should everyone consider Rollstock as a lucrative packaging solution?

Everyone should consider Rollstock film for their packaging needs due to its multiple benefits. Rollstock is a versatile packaging solution that you can use across various applications and industries.

Whether you want to create eco-friendly and durable coffee bags or electrolyte drinks’ stick packs, Rollstock is a flexible packaging solution for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Rollstock packaging has become a widely-adapted packaging solution. It is mainly because of cost-effectiveness, enhanced product production, sterilizability, storage space, and saving. You can use it to pack and store various products easily.